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It’s no secret when we travel, we meet & greet great people and see spectacular places. From the statue of Liberty to the Great Pyramids of Giza, we shell out thousands and thousands of dollars just to catch a glimpse of these magnificent monuments. So… where do we go first? We can visit “The Land Down Under” or swing by Thailand to sample and taste one of the world’s most finest dishes and cuisines. I have always loved the famous Bilbo Baggins’ quote about a great adventure. “It’s a dangerous business Frodo going out your door. You step into the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. “When we travel, we all would love to travel and save less money. In this article, I will show you all how to do just that. As you well know, we may travel for many different reasons. Whatever the reason may be, we all need money to do so. After all car, bus, jet fuel is not cheap. Traveling across the country or worldwide can be thrilling and exciting. Seeing new places, meeting new faces, and opening our minds to different experiences may not only be exciting but educational.

I fondly remember traveling with my mom and my little sister to Disney World in Orlando Florida when I was a

teenager. It was a really fun and cool experience. This was my very first-time visiting Orlando, and I wanted to make the most of my trip. It was a church convention so that made the cost for my mom a lot easier. We took a charter bus from St. Louis and took a ride all the way down to Florida. It was long, but I had my friends from church to keep me company along the way.

That was the good ol’days, way back when. I don’t even want to think about how much a trip like that would cost at this present time. With Savings Highway Global, you can find travel options you can’t find anywhere else. Speaking of Disney World, you can earn bonus savings on flights and much more. When anyone is searching for the best rates, look no further. Check back often to see all the latest additions here for travel. You can definitely travel for less right here, right now. Please be sure to share this with you family and friends. I’m sure they would love to come travel to visit you as well.

There are 3 Travel Membership Programs that are available so that our members may reap the benefits of all the pleasures and attractions that are available for their trip. Benefits includes cars, airfare, hotels, attractions, and events.

GOLD: This is so affordable we hate to even put it in this article. $20. And the savings from a single use can offset your costs for this; for Months if not Years even.

PLATINUM: The Platinum Travel Portal that comes with this Membership is Exceptional. Gold has a great access to rates. The Platinum is even more. Utilizing them both allows you to pick and choose the Member Pricing accordingly.

TITANIUM: This is so Awesome for those travelling a lot. And the Travel Access is Incredible. However, this program is a Vacation Layaway program. As each Year, after a Year of Membership Fees you receive an Incredible Vacation. Titanium Members receive an incredible Vacation as part of the Membership upon yearly renewals. Similar to the American Express Platinum “Free Companion Ticket” rewards or perk. Only this is a Vacation. Click video along with the link below and save!


Travel For Less: We have the best competitive hotel rates to offer online. You will be asked often, “How did you get that deal?! You must have executive privileges.” With this app, you can find the lowest deals or prices for a hotel anywhere on the globe. The app works well on both web and mobile apps. Go here to start saving! Remember that this is a membership only program and only the exclusives will be saved for registered members only. This program is for closed members, and rates cannot be published to the general public. The benefits are absolutely awesome, and I have personally saved tons of money over and over again. I’m pretty sure that every member can enjoy the Exclusive membership only rates and stagger at the jaw dropping savings that this presents. Marketing these rates are prohibited, and when you witness the pricing for yourselves it will become apparent. Just a friendly reminder that the savings here are not only limited to just flights but also includes car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages as well. Our community can indulge in significant discounts on a vast variety of aspects to their travel experiences without drying up the bank account.

We choose to put our members at the top of the shelf by providing individualized services and professional support. We have the best rates for hotels right here. Why not travel for less with us. You can enroll in the membership program and receive cashback. What’s also sweet is that you get a low-rate guarantee. If you are like me, I literally live a thousand plus miles away from my folks. This comes in extra handy on holidays, family emergencies such as critical accidents back home and funerals. Most of the time I use this just to get away whenever I want. This program’s trained professionals are experienced skilled travelers who can assist with recommendations, hotel bookings, and provide support with most discrepancies that may arise while planning or on your trip. Planning a trip could not be easier through us and our program. Register with us today and witness the savings for yourselves. You may contact us for more detailed information by click here to start now!

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