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Breaking away from the traditional nine to five job, can be an intimidating experience for many. I was one of them. I started working when I was about 15 and a half years old. Guess what my first job was. You guessed it…McDonalds. I really didn’t take my first job very seriously. Maybe because I was still living with my parents. However, as I grew more mature in mind and body, I came to the realization that having a job was much needed lively hood. As technology grows, more opportunities such as working remotely from home jobs are more available to us. In this article. I will be sharing what are the pros and cons of having a home business. Believe and trust that there are way more pros than there are cons.


Pros of Working From Home How to Work From Home: 24 Tips From People Who Do It ...

There are tons of benefits working from home. One of these benefits would include more TIME. More time is crucial for us as human beings. This is one of the very reasons why employers pay their employees to come in their facilities and work for them. To reduce THEIR time, what THEY need done. Employers seem to rather pay someone to come in and reduce their time, so that they can go or be at home with THEIR families. Which brings up another con for working from home. You get to be with your family more often. When you have more time with the family, things seem to be a little less complicated. Another pro is, you save a ton of mileage and gas for you vehicle(s) by working from home. Traffic jams lead to frustration. Frustration leads to road rage. Road rage eventually leads to potential accidents. There are many more to list, but you get the idea.

Cons of Working From Home

It wouldn’t be fair to you if I just named the pros and not the cons of working from home. I think that would be very disingenuous of me to paint a rosy picture of working from home and not the downsides. One downside [for me] was the transition from working a traditional job to a obtaining my own business. Most businesses from home takes TIME to build and gain momentum. The remedy for this is to take logical and calculated risks,The Thinker | Great PowerPoint ClipArt for Presentations ... and not careless and impulsive risks. Another con is [again, for me] distractions. Most of us have our amenities of all the comforts of home at our disposal that makes it very difficult for us to stay focused in our home business(es). The remedy for this is to say to yourself, “If I don’t get this work done, I won’t have all the comforts of home I enjoy.”

The Solution

If you are seeking financial independence, right here at Wealthy Affiliate is the program to get involved in. When I first arrived here, I was welcomed with a whole host of bright faces, a wealth of knowledge, and unwavering support & encouragement from the community here. The training I received was step-by-step instruction and is very easy to grasp or retain. If you get lost, you always have the affiliate community to help you out if you get stuck. 1,233,100+ Solution Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free ...

Working remotely from home and obtaining a business for me was indeed a challenge, but VERY REWARDING. The rewards working from home I have received and will continue to receive outweighs ANY and ALL job security, paycheck(s), and benefit(s) that any employer could ever offer me. When I think about all that is at stake with me and my family to earn a lucrative way of life, obtaining a remote business was an easy choice.

It’s best to plan and just do it. The more you procrastinate, the further your goals and dreams are. This is the very point of this article. My dreams are here! I am living it. Right now! One of those dreams is to help people like you and I to achieve their goals and live their dreams. In most cases, we are not allowed to live out our dreams because we are getting paid to work a job so that our employers may spend more time with THEIR families, reach THEIR goals, and to live out THIER dreams. I am spending more time with my family than I can ever imagine. It’s great! I want the very same for you!

My Proposal

I would like to extend my gratitude and thank you for your TIME. Second, I would for you to reach out to me, and allow me to help you achieve your goals and obtain your financial freedom. I am living my dreams, right now! I would like to extend to you the very same opportunities that was given to me not to long ago. I want you to spend more time with your family, as I do. I want you, to break from the shackles and governing of working and being employed for someone else. What I don’t want is for you to go to a job that you tolerate or even hate; spend 20, 30 of your best years and not even get a thank you for all the sacrificing that you have made FOR THEM and THEIR FAMILIES. YOUR hard work belongs TO YOU. You deserve better. You deserve to be free. You can do that here, at Wealthy Affiliate. If you have any questions for me, I will gladly answer them honestly. You may reach me at my email, just type “Wealthy Affiliate Inquiry & Questions” in the subject bar and I will respond within 48 hours or just leave your comments and/or thoughts in the comments. Please give an introduction of your first, last name and questions you may have, and I will do my best to find the answers to your questions. There will be no commitments or pressure on you. I just want to help you gain the financial freedom that you so desire. I took the leap of faith, and now it is your turn. This is YOUR TIME.

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